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"Having worked with Kick Kent, I throughly commend their Sports Charity"

Gavin Peacock 

Former Match of the Day Pundit & Chelsea Player

"The Pupils were really well motivated to partcipate in these lessons  and enjoyed the experience immensely"

Miss Turvey

PSHE Co-ordinator

Shears Green Primary School 

“Kick Kent allows our pupils to gain valuable experience of team work, improves their confidence, self esteem and motor skills.”

Ben - PE Teacher, West Kent Learning Federation

“Through the lessons it makes our pupils think about team work, trust, hope and their future."

Sue Brown - Headteacher, Centre Class

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Beth Murrell's story

Beth MurrellKick Kent does some amazing work, not only for people in other countries, but working right here in the UK. Being an individual who loves sport, I find that it’s really important to support these sporting charities. It’s important to allow other people to develop themselves through sport. If I didn’t have sport, I don’t think I would be as confident as I am today.

I first heard about Kick Kent at the end of last year when a very close family friend, Megan, passed away. At her funeral, money was raised for Kick Kent, and since then it has been a charity very close to my heart. So much so, that in May 2014 I will be running the BUPA Great Manchester 10K in memory of Megan and to raise money for Kick Kent.

I chose to organise a Colour Run at my school as I have developed my passion for sport through their endless support and guidance and through encouraging me to discover my full potential. I felt that, through organising a charity event, it would be a great fundraiser for Kick Kent and a chance for the whole school to come together. In order to raise a lot of money I found that a colour run would be most effective. A colour run is just like a normal run, but with the added element of getting covered in powder paint as you progress round the course!

The organisation of the event began in November. I had to pitch my idea to the head teacher of my school. As she is an ex- PE teacher she was very enthusiastic when I told her about my idea. All she said to me was “If you organise it Beth, you can do it.” When she said that she meant it. I had to personally organise everything; powder paint, route marshals, staff involvement, advertisement and assemblies to all students in the school. Everything needed to be organised, and all within a 5 month time period. I’d never organised anything as big as this before but I was willing to make it work. I was up for the challenge.

I really enjoyed planning the whole event but I couldn’t have done it without the support of an amazing team of sports leaders, teachers and sports council members at the school. It was a great effort by all. I was so grateful for all the teachers’ support, especially my head of year, Miss Cornish. She really was a huge source of help and supported me through the whole event.

The run took place on the 21st March, with over 300 students taking part. We managed to raise an amazing amount of money, an astonishing £4746.85, half of which will be going towards Kick Kent and the other half to Sports Relief.

All the girls and teachers had an amazing afternoon laughing and cheering. It was a much loved event, not only by the students, but by the teachers as well. Everyone was covered in paint, from head to toe. Not many people would have experienced anything like this before, but I received a lot of amazing feedback saying that people really enjoyed it and would definitely do this again! The best thing about the event was that everyone had tonnes of fun whilst raising an amazing amount of money for two very deserving charities. 

Beth Murrell

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